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Liberty and Partnership on the Ground Clinic Recap

A big thank you to the great group of participants at our CD Partnership/Liberty Clinic this weekend! Our goal was to help everyone see the value in having a ground game and also inspire them to take their relationship with their horse to another level, by pursuing Liberty. They told us we accomplished both ;-).


Kori Smith What an amazing weekend! The power of creating such a connection with your horse is hard for me to describe. To me it’s priceless! You can’t really appreciate it until you have it!


Chris Harpole This was my first CD clinic I’ve ever attended and it was awesome. The support and inspiration among the group was amazing. Thank you Marcia and Davalee for inspiring me more. Excited about the upcoming CD riding clinic next month!

Debbie Ragan · March 13, 2017 

Top rate clinicians that provide an atmosphere of professionalism and a wealth of knowledge that is the backbone of their instruction in helping you and your horse develop a solid partnership while making it fun for all!! Thank you so much I can’t wait to attend another clinic with Marcia and Davalee!!



Katie Bane · March 13, 2017
Outstanding! Excellent communication with the rider and the horse, deep understanding of what makes the horse tick, and a no nonsense approach to improving your equine relationships! I loved it!



Rachelle Wernecke Moore Had such a great time and learned a lot ! Thank u so much for the opportunity and the experience, a truly amazing clinic with amazing teachers ! I enjoyed every little bit of it and gaining the confidence and a relationship with cash was 💯 worth every little bit . Thank u Marcia and Davalee for all you help, time, effort and patients . Can’t wait for more !

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