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The Art of Lunging

​Last summer, MM Training instructors focused a good portion of ground training lessons on teaching our students correct lunging techniques. Through the years, we have found that lunging can be such a great training tool for horse and handler. Handlers can learn some skills that will improve their overall horsemanship, and the horse can learn a number of maneuvers to add to its future training success under saddle. Lunging is not an easy exercise to perform, nor is it easy to teach. But, as instruc-tors, we felt that we needed to address lunging in more depth because we saw so many people lunging their horses incorrectly. If you don’t lunge correctly, you will never reap the rewards that proper lunging can bring to you and your horse.

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Round Pen Clinic

Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I am a stickler for ground training. In my opinion, it is the best thing we can do to help ensure future training success with our horses. It is the place where we not only win over the mind and the body of our horses, but their hearts also. During last years round pen clinic, we concentrated on three main ground-training lessons: round penning, leading, and lunging.

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