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For more information, please contact Marcia.

Home: (208) 892-4747
Cell: (208) 596-9242


What We Believe

Philosophy and Principles

  • Our passion is to challenge, encourage and educate ourselves and others to rise to another level of connection in horsemanship and personal growth.
  • We honor God by honoring His horse. 
    • By treating each horse fairly and as a unique individual, with an attitude that our horse is our teacher.
    • By striving to help the horse meet his full potential and become stronger over time, through training and physical, mental and emotional care.
  • We personally work on Soft Feel
    • By becoming the leader our horses need us to be mentally, physically and emotionally.
    • By developing the skill set that allows us to effectively prepare, execute and release, which leads to relaxation. 
    • To develop, over time, self-carriage in the horse and a partnership of deep connection.
  • We believe in a well-rounded and educated horse and rider.  Our program develops this versatility through:
    • Liberty:  reciprocal connection
    • Cowboy Dressage:  time-honored precision
    • Competitive Trail:  horses getting dead broke
    • Freestyle:  creative fun!