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Cowboy Dressage: It's a Mental Game!

Hey, fellow Cowboy Dressage competitors, are you feeling the anticipation for the Finals in November? The excitement is growing here at MM Training and Consulting! As we build-up to the show, we are rooting ourselves in the spirit and culture of Cowboy Dressage. Focusing on relationship, encouragement, communication, community, and learning and growing from each other, we want to take this opportunity to start a conversation with fellow contestants about the mental and emotional side of competing in Cowboy Dressage.

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Cowboy Dressage Freestyle and La Garrocha

At the 2013 Cowboy Dressage World Finals we were excited to see the Freestyle competition. Cowboy Dressage Freestyle allows maximum creativity while maintaining the principles of Soft Feel. Freestyle allows multiple horses, multiple riders, ground work and you can incorporate all manner of props in your exhibition. Your creativity is pretty much allowed to soar.

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Communicating With Your Horse Through the Use of Aids

A horse and rider team that moves through a pattern in perfect harmony is a beautiful thing to watch. Each seem completely in tune with the other and make the flawless performance look soooo easy. How did they do that? Are they psychic? Do they read each other’s minds? How do they communicate with each other so that you can’t even see it happening? The answer is the rider uses aids in a consistent way that the horse understands and honors.

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