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Getting In and Getting Out

Many of you have heard the terminology, “getting in and getting out,” when describing the correction for our horses. The other day I was reminded of this concept when I ran across the following quote from Aristotle.“It is easy to fly into a passion—anybody can do that—but to be angry with the right person to the right extent and at the right time and with the right object and in the right way—that is not easy, and it is not everyone who can do it.”​

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Enhancing Life’s Relationships Through the Color Tool

The barn was chilly and the lighting dim. Small puffs of dust rose up from the horse’s hooves as my friend, Janie, led the gelding around the indoor arena. The owner of the horse and I watched from the sidelines as the pair went through a leading exercise. Apparently, the horse did not have a lot of ground training. He wasn’t jumpy, nervous or excited; he was simply disrespectful. The gelding stepped into Janie’s space and ignored her signals to move away. Janie led the horse in my direction, and they came to an undisciplined stop, the horse lagging behind.“He’s awfully red sorrel,” Janie said, glancing at me while keeping the horse in her vision.“Actually, I believe he’s gray,” I replied.

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Are You a Nelly or a Sally? Scenarios to Strengthen Your Leadership Ability

At MM Training and Consulting, we always strive to learn and grow. We also continually strive to create new ways to explain our concepts to you, our clients. In the following article, I explain some of our new terminology. Plus, I will give you some fun scenarios that will hopefully help you grasp and remember these concepts.

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Connection...What Does it Look Like?

As many of you know, we have addressed the topic of “connection” between horse and handler for years now. Yes, it has evolved over the years, but it is something, to some degree, that I have always done with horses since I was a child. Although I didn’t call it such, my awareness about “connection” started many years ago after an observer asked me, “Why do you blow at your horse?” As with many trainers who have worked with horses their whole lives, I had no idea why I did it. I just did it. And frankly, at the time, I was a little embarrassed that someone noticed that I did it. Since I’m a former Marine and grew up a cowgirl, you can only imagine how it might have seemed a little too “touchy feely” for me. But blowing at my horses was such a part of me, as a horseman, I kept doing it. And after some time of thinking, I concluded that I did it because horses really responded to it and liked it. And I could have simply left it at that. Right?

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What Color is Your Horse Really™?

All life is about relationships. Work relationships, social relationships, and personal relationships all have a profound impact on our lives.Are there ways to better understand the motivations of ourselves and those around us to improve our relationships? Yes, there are, and the Color Tool™ is a great tool to use for improving relationships. The Color Tool is a system of recognizing motivations and personality types of individuals. It works equally well with people and horses.

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