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The Bobtailed Nag Isn't Always a Horse!

There’s a common element among moms who ride and who also have kids that ride. That element is known as the NAG Syndrome, and both parties fall prey to it. For moms, the NAG Syndrome is complex and originates from having made a substantial investment of time, emotion and money to provide a horse for their child or children. For moms who have horse experience or who may even be trainers themselves, outfitting their child with a horse and all the accoutrements carries a certain sense of pride and level of expectation. In one sense, the child is now a reflection of the mom’s horseman ship and her position in the horse community. This often is the trigger for the NAG Syndrome, an acronym which breaks down to NOW! ASPIRE! GOALS! These three words mean a lot to the mom—but to the child—not so much.

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